Graphic Con: I did better than expected.

So Graphic Con was yesterday and it was a blast. Saw cool costumes, we local lolitas had a little sushi date and I went to an after party that was a blast. I had a busy day yesterday. Now that it’s over I can continue on my visual novel!

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So these were my prints but I sold more traditional fan art than original art. But I have a stock now so that’s good.

So now I will continue writing the story I had to pause from. As well as starting character sketches and concepts for the VN. Might as well talk about it more, but since there isn’t much story written yet there is plenty of things to change and add.

There are 4 love interests so far, at least one is a woman. and I’m sure there will be plenty more to choose from as you go through the various story lines. I’m planning to have only certain characters show up in certain story lines. So you don’t see them all and you meet them through the choices you make. There will also be a counting system for the relationships with the characters but you won’t be able to see so it would be a nice (or different) surprise when it comes to the endings.

I’m using the working title Love in Faerie, it might stick until I find a better one. So I’ll keep everyone posted about the progress.


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