Sick but still working on it!

Luckily I’m not bed ridden otherwise it would be hard to be on my computer, but I am starting to be sick. It’s like lowkey sickness.

But I did make up some colour variations for Love, the main character of the VN


I’m not sure which one I’m going with yet, I like 1 (the left hand top corner) , 3 (right hand top corner) and 6 (Bottom right corner).

It doesn’t really matter for the game it self, since it’s told from her eyes. But for promotional material it does. Tell me what you think I should go with, I might even choose it.



One thought on “Sick but still working on it!”

  1. They all look beautiful! If it is based on my preferences, I may choose 2(top center) and 3(top right). As you reach towards the end of the story, the decision to choose which picture stands out gets clearer. In other words, follow your gut and if necessary, change it as you progress. On the other hand, let your friends, family, and random people play it and see if the character needs edit. Good luck!

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