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Graphic Con: I did better than expected.

So Graphic Con was yesterday and it was a blast. Saw cool costumes, we local lolitas had a little sushi date and I went to an after party that was a blast. I had a busy day yesterday. Now that it’s over I can continue on my visual novel!

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Cons and art: My nerves for my first time at Artist Alley.

In less than two weeks I will be selling my art (for the first time) at a convention locally. I am incredibly nervous, so many what ifs that leave my head spinning.

I breath in and out and remember I have to focus on the last three prints that I haven’t started yet. Oops.

But my brother is helping and he could get experience working with customers and I’m spend a day at a convention surrounded by like minded people.

I’ll even dress up in ouji style or maybe even Lolita style!

After the experience I’ll blog about the day and everything. But I really needed to get these nerves out of my system. It’s an excited nervous, filled with optimism. Even if I know I won’t sell all of my stock, if I can make back the amount, I will be happy.

Well that’s enough rambling, haha.