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New Blog, New Beginnings.

I found that making a general interest blog a little more my style as my interests vary. So you’ll see a bit of everything, from book reviews, to games and what not. I have my own visual novel in development so I’ll probably be speaking about that.

I’m quite excited for Pokemon Go as well, and I hope if comes out this summer so I can go around catching all the Pokemon in my area.

I suppose this will be an introductory post, I’m Ellie. I like long walks in video games and avoiding sand from the beach. I love to cook and you’ll find some recipe tests here as well. Everything I like will be in this blog so It’s going to feel hectic but that’s just how I roll. Haha.

I find it very hard to be exclusive in a topic as my mind wanders towards other things.

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll find some of my rambling posts entertaining.

Signing off,