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Update and New story idea.

Well I’ve written a bit, but I’ve also been busy with mental health issues. However I am feeling much better now and I will probably work on it, though I have a feeling it may get scrapped due to it not having any focus or a coherent story, I might rewrite it and edit it another time if it can be salvaged. But in my dreams I got a new story.

The Crow Princess.

It’s about a girl who feeds the crows and a boy who loves her, and their story. They discover truths about themselves, and grow from each other.

It’s more of a story than my other VN I was working on and I feel like this is where I should spend my energy writing.


Inactivity and Depression.

Sorry I haven’t been active in a while, I’ve been swamped with life and my depression hit be bad a few months ago. I didn’t really feel like doing anything, especially this visual novel, until a few days ago. It’s starting to come back to me a little bit at a time. I have not worked on it since my last post so…yeah.

But I feel like working on it more now, and well hopefully this kick will last longer than last time.

But here have a sneak peak to one of the characters:


I won’t talk much about him, but I still need to polish up his design.

Ambitions and Drive.

Writing a Visual Novel for the first time is intimidating but I’m up to the challenge. I have 5 love interests already and it’s looking like it’s going to be a massive game. I’ll post more details about it as it comes more and more complete, right now I’m just writing the story and doing some basic character sketches to get a feel for them.

It’s a love story, about a woman who is given to the faeries by her mother as payment for saving her on the day she was born. There are many possibilities and I have a feeling I will complete it. It would be a shame not to.

If you’re writing a visual novel right now, I believe in you. I hope those who are reading this believe in me too.

Signing off,